Dbanj You may see Kanye West and Big Sean on the new album.

 Dbanj is one of  the African entertainer check lists finest  and indeed in the world. image The 35-year-old singer who is still celebrating his 10-year anniversary with the release of a seven-video compilation featuring Akon, Ice Prince, and more untold surprises.

One of the videos recently caused a stir among the kokolets, when Hollywood actor, Idris Elba spoke pidgin. In an interview with EbonyMag, the singer said, “that’s the beauty of the movement.

It’s an African movement. I didn’t have to teach him. Idris Elba is African. He understands pidgin very well.” When asked if he was still with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, D’banj said, “My deal was always with Def Jam Universal. It was a joint venture with GOOD Music, but it was interfering with some things I needed to do. The relationship is still there. You may see Kanye and Big Sean on the new album.” He concluded. 


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