Revolution of an Icon "innocent Idibia" #Tuface turns 40 years old

I will only say a brief about #Tuface for now 
Innocent Idibia a.k.a Tuface as he is musically known to all,commence his music career professionally as i know was in 1998 with his  Artistic clique Blackface , Tops, Idris Abdukareem then (Mr T) Special G, Blue Skull, Mickie Freak Simple G and Stone, only few of us knew this amazing people at the hangout snooker called Difference in Kano during a show promoted by Idris Abdukareem (Mr T) named "Sweet October "

 Ever since then Tuface had been an Icon to recon with in the early music entertainment industry, from the forming of the group plantation boyz to d'func of the group to kennis music to drop his first album Grass to Grace,then the limelight goes viral to Face2Face Album 
when we all first noticed the great affection of Annie to Tuface and well you all know they are living happily ever after now hehehehehehehe 

and another album after albums to his present Ascension, i will hold my gear here now on this Revolution of an Icon but watch this space for more about him in motion pictures .. 



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