Lupita Nyong'o covers Vogue second time and her mother Dorothy is already pressuring her to have children

Lupita Nyong'o resembled a golden goddess clad in Valentino on her second Vogue cover, which hits newsstands next Tuesday.
'What an honor, joy and THRILL it was to work on this October issue!' the 32-year-old Oscar winner wrote to her 1.7M Instagram followers.

'I realized that my skin color was making some people see me differently,' the Mexican-born, Kenyan-raised actress recalled.
'As Africans, we don't grow up with a racial identity. We grow up with cultural and ethnic identity before racial identity. I never used the word black as a child. It was never a thing. When was I ever discussing black? Why?' 
Now an undisputed fashion icon, Lupita fronts Lancôme and relies on her stylist Micaela Erlanger for vibrant red carpet ensembles. 

Nyong'o has been single since splitting with rapper K'naan late last year, but her mother Dorothy is already pressuring her to have children.
'When I was back in Kenya this past week, I would be driving along with my mother and she would say, 'That's a nice school for children' and look at me like...,' the WildAid ambassador said, raising her eyebrows.
'But I think that will all be determined when I have that moment. When I have that man...I live alone [in Brooklyn]. I lie quite low. I take the subway. I do yoga. I meditate.' 


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