Jason Porshe Presents - "The Untold Story" for its S/S16 collection - Bella Vista

Nigerian Menswear Label Jason Porshe Unveils the Untold story and inspiration for their Just released Spring/Summer Collection "Bella Vista"

According to the Designer (Jason Samuel) - I'm Trying to learn & understand the secrets of God the greatest artist,Looking around trying to discover the greatness of Creation in even the smallest things around us,
so perfect,shapes and colors joined in such a perfect harmony,Nature is actually the best studio to shoot from - Fashion Has become my canvas and I'm ready to paint it how I like,welcome to my world of inspiration.

Nature is my constant source of inspiration... Nature is the source of my inspiration...That is how important Nature is to me and can be for you.  Those fantastic colours that make the butterflies so distinctive and so perfectly suit the texture of their wings are an essential part of their elegance. To an extent this is true,I discovered how deep nature could be after a close follow up with one of my iconic Mentors,So I've decided to make nature my canvas to help me realize this effect in my art and fashion.

I discovered this deep part of me not too long ago,so I had the intense green surround my work,that perfect artistic green by the greatest artist in existence (GOD),How can we not take a cue from the greatest artist ever? Welcome to my inspiration ~ Jason Samuel


Displaying image.jpg

Displaying image.jpg

Model - Ric Hassani

Photography - Kaye Visuals

Creative Direction - Jason Samuel

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