Fashionista: Lou - Ratidzo to cloth Rita Edmond officially

 There is no BEAUTY without APPEAL!This universal truth answer is what has been the fuel behind the Lou-Ratidzo movement.
From the most sagacious of beginnings, London, Chicago, Addis-Ababa, Rome, Lagos, Lou-Ratidzo began in 1991 with that salient aim to herald uniqueness by using the most luxurious yet functional designs known to man. 

Fabulous Singer, Rita Edmond has been in the spotlight due to her soulful exceptional songs and a fashionista she had become this days and bagging an endorsement deal with a big Uk Fashion outfit is a great success to her musical career 

Lou Ratidzo dedicates a huge chunk of time to stitching in smiles into every piece. We do not design for mannequins, we design for you.
We stand behind our quality 100 percent because we believe, just like the sun in the summer, that dependable clothing and accessories is possible.
Our Trade marked logo is our sign of durability, longevity, strength and affluence.

From advertising the beauty of simplicity to beautifying the details of complexity with every piece we churn out, Lou-Ratidzo has since inception managed to merge aristocracy with pop culture.

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