Beauty and Brain is my Talents @caline_blaze

My name is Oparah Chidera Tobolaifa otherwise known as calineblaze..,am a model, upcoming singer/songwriter and cum actress.
Am an undergraduate of  Babcock University as a Medical Laboratory Science Student, i ventured into Modeling Music and Acting not because am over ambitious but because i have this great passion for art related activities

 am also a good Presenter and an awesome dancer but music has always been my initial love and waiting for the right time to launch my musical career through BIGSPIN MANAGEMENT,i pick my first acting career when i got the role of Cilia in "IVANCA" tv series drama as a young lady who was kidnapped due to mistaking identity

I found out that acting is quite challenging than  music, as one first go through the script before mastering it,then a proper befitting expression to act it and avoid over acting

-Does your parents support your music carrier? 
Yes of course My Parents are my role models,they guide and protect me in every decision I make

-How do you relax after a long day? 
I listen to good music done by Craig David, Jennifer Hudson, sia furler, Fergie to mention a few I love meeting people and going out too but I also love my privacy most time, sometimes i may be taking for a boring person, however i am who i am

-Are you a lazy lady?, love sleeping a lot because that's what makes me beautiful "hehehehehehehehe" and i am not lazy.

-Do you write your own songs?
Absolutely...Reading and Writing is part of me, it expose me to a lot of words and inspired me to my word usage when i feel the urge to write my songs.

-Where do you get your inspiration from? 
My environment, circumstances stuffs I hear and feel

-what is your most awkward moment ever? 
Once upon a time I had a show while performing I forgot the lyrics and It came like a shock to the audience lol

-What's your take on Nigerian female musicians and the type of music they do? Right now I would give some credit to Seyi shay for her ability to diversify speaking of good music she has the rhythm and style on lock down.

-What's your music genre? 
Am an RnB artist but very diverse in my music I have recorded a couple of ragga songs and a dancehall song yet to be dropped...

-Who is your favorite Nigerian artist? 

-What is the next big thing for you as an artist? 
To hit the music industry like no one else.

-As a new artist...what's your view about the entertainment industry in Nigeria? 
Personally, I feel the industry is growing because a lot of young talented artiste are out trying to be heard the only problem is that most labels don't see this talents most go for the whack ones but its cool though every artiste has his time...the industry has come along way and now i am part of it ..GOD  Bless us all..


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