BIGSPIN Pictures presents Ivanca (season 1) 

This is a revealing story of the secret baby factory racket going on in our society. unborn child trading racket has been existing for decades where naive teenage girls are being cajoled into trading their unwanted pregnancies for money in place of an abortion


Patrick Nnamani (the Kingpin) in partnership with Dr. Vincent (Osamoje 'Osam' Isaac)  run a baby factory out skirt the town for years providing barren couples with babies. The beginning of the end hits the camp when the Kingpin expanded his racket into kidnapping and desperate search to complete a perfect 10, being the number of babies needed by his clients.  


Due to these demands he kidnapped Ivanca (Caroline Ikpea) with the help of her boy friend who sold her and her two weeks pregnancy for 500,000 NAIRA and Cilia (Calineblaze) for a multimillion ransome. 

The deal was set but Ivanca would not play along as her freedom means so much to her. Hence she begins the plan to escape but not without Cilia.
This series is filled with suspense,  action and passion: Staring American base model, Carolina Ikpea,  Ace OAP Osamoje (Osam) Isaac,  Patrick Nnamani,  upcoming music sensation,  Dera Opara aka Calineblaze , Kingsley Aura, Beauty Emerald and more as Directed by Yemi O. OGUNDEJI for Bigspin Pictures.
Ivanca premiering soon. 

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