Kim and Kanye:I’m so happy to be married to the girl of my dreams. I love you and Nori so much!!! enjoy first wedding anniversary

According to Us Weekly, the couple spent their special evening in bed sipping piña coladas, which had been specially made for them by their very own bartender.
But Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's first wedding anniversary was a much more low key affair.

And their entertainment on the night was Kim's favourite film - Troop Beverly Hills.
The 34-year-old loves the movie so much she can quote lines - it tells the tale of a divorced mum Phyllis Nefler (Shelley Long) who applies to be a girl scout leader while managing her shopping habit.
With their hectic schedule recently and Kim's expectant state - she is three months pregnant with their second child, it is no surprise that a quiet evening in was what they were yearning for.
So happy: Kim Tweeted 'We are forever grateful for these memories!' They are pictured here on Sunday in London
Meanwhile Kanye said. 'Kim, I’m so happy to be married to the girl of my dreams. I love you and Nori so much!!! I would find you in any lifetime.'
In comparison to their low key evening in, Kim and Kanye spared no expense for their wedding last year.
The couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at a 16th century castle in Italy.
Guests included Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and the photo Kim Instagrammed became the most-liked snapshot of 2014 - with 2.4 million likes.

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