Pictures : Charley Boy, Wife Dewy and adaptation of Garden Of Eden In Their 37th Anniversary

Charley Boy Oputa might be a weird one but he sure loves his wife Dewy who is also as crazy and weird like him. He just shared these weird photos with a lovely caption carefully composed for his wife..

For over 37years, they have been mirrors to each other.Looking at the following pictures one can understand the soulfulness of this Union. May the love that they exude expand our perception of what a soulmate really is.

I have witnessed my grand parents holding hands till my grandfather ( Justice Oputa ) passed on. I have watched my parents Charles/Diane carry on as two inseparable buddies bound together by an unusual friendship, not hinged on attraction or sexuality. I pray that I too will eventually find a soulmate who will be my best friend. Miss Dewy Oputa.


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