Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided on a name but want to inform the Queen personally before public

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided on a name for their daughter but want to inform the Queen personally today before it is publicly released

The day-old Princess of Cambridge is said to be ‘settling in nicely’ with her family and both William and Kate are 'besotted' with her, according to friends.
The wait over her name has led to a betting bonanza, with Charlotte and Alice the clear favourites. But outsiders such as Olivia have attracted a sudden flurry of wagers. 

The newborn princess spent her first night at home in Kensington Palace after being presented for the first time on the steps of the Lindo Wing. Born at 8,34am on Saturday, the baby girl slept soundly as her proud parents showed her off

It is expected that William and Kate will leave London with their two children this morning for Anmer Hall, their ten-bedroom mansion on the estate in Norfolk. 
The Queen and Prince Philip are currently in residence at Wood Farm, another sprawling house used by the royals just a few minutes' drive away. 
One senior royal source suggested to the Mail yesterday that they expected the Queen, who will return to Buckingham Palace tomorrow for the first time since before Easter, to be introduced to her fifth great-grandchild shortly after William arrives. 
It is likely the Queen and Prince Philip, aged 89 and 93 respectively, will drive to Anmer, in order to make life a little easier for their grandson.
'I think it would be wholly reasonable to expect the Queen to be introduced to her great-granddaughter in Norfolk,' the source said.
An insider added: 'The Queen and her grandson have grown exceptionally close in recent years and he trusts her judgement implicitly. 

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