He didn't have the attitude that was expected of an average 10 years old boy just entering into J.S.S 1, growing up in the most developed ghetto in Lagos, Adeleke was one of the most liked kid on his block, that kid way those bros they call "my boy" but he never for once allowed it get into his head. 

A very shy kid that his first real understanding of emotions was heartbreak (at least so he thought at the moment), the incident occurred when he was seven when he boldly asked a girl out only for her to turn him down saying he was a small boy because he had a very small physique and from that moment onward his how to approach girl instinct went dead. 

After his first term in a boarding school, Adeleke fell in love but was never able to express his feeling, instead he found a way to always talk to her by accepting her as his school mother. So every time he speaks with her telling her what a school son should be telling his school mother,all he ever wished was to always tell her about how he feels about her every time but the ghost of the incident that occurred 3 years ago won’t let him be. 

Although he later found an indirect way to make his emotion felt but by then the J.S.S. 3 school mother was now one of the most sought after S.S.S.3 girl in the school putting him who was now in S.S.S.1at a disadvantage. 5 out of the 6 years he spent in school he thought his school mother was his first love not until he had an emotional wake-up call in S.S.S.3 and that was how he realised his school mother was not his first love, he also discovered that she had somehow helped him wake up the dead how to approach a girl instinct in a very unique way. 

When he was in S.S.S 3 he had two girlfriends which he took seriously but one in the open the other on a coded level, both were his juniors, in S.S.S 1 and S.S.S 2 respectively. During his J.S.S days whenever he comes back to Festac for holidays he attends this holiday lesson and that was where he met his first love.

There were two beautiful girls he met during the lesson, one staying close to his block and the other a bit far but a trekable distance from his house. He gave much of his time and attention to the one leaving close to his block while most time he tries to ignore the other girl. Princess thought because he was shy he wouldn’t be able to ask her out so she stylishly asked him out instead, a move that put Adeleke in shock mode. It was this shock mode that led to him ignoring her because he didn’t know what to say to her. 

Adeleke later moved away from Festac and he lost contact with Princess and didn't even bother to keep tabs on her like he always did with the girl not far from his block even though he thought of Princess everyday (something he wouldn’t admit to). It was at a school outing that he came across Princess again, his school went for a competition in Princess’s school and that was how faith brought them together but not for long because after that day it took another 3years before faith brought them back together.

When the S.S.1 girl broke up with him he felt like his life was upside down, he couldn’t eat and he couldn’t sleep, he knew what he had for her was true love but all that was gone and there was little or nothing he could do about it. Three years later Adeleke had gotten admission into higher institution and had remained single until during one of the holidays when he decided to visit his friends at Festac. 

He came across her in front of a church and immediately he said hello he knew she was his first love. Princess was very surprise to have seen him, I mean she didn't expect she was going to see him again given the grounds they left the last time they saw each other. Adeleke didn't waste any time expressing his love to her because during those three years of been single he had thought about his love life and had come to realise that Princess was actually his first true love and he would give anything to date her. 

Princess was in a cross road after Adeleke had said all he had to say, she was currently in a relationship though truly she had never stop loving Adeleke but her present boyfriend was also the love of her life. 





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