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Gone are the days when women were perceived, (and expected) to be passive in bed. Most Nigerian men still seem to appreciate such women, not wanting their wives to be expressive or assertive during sex.

Such men think, erroneously though, that if their women show a lot of passion during sex, it means she has turned into a bad woman or is perhaps cutting it outside.
But such men may be wrong as women, just like men, love sex and would want to show they do.
Unfortunately, not every woman feels entirely comfortable expressing her sexual desires, partly because of what her husband will think of her. Some women fear judgment, others are more guarded, and still others are asking in less obvious ways that often go unnoticed.
But on SexVille today, we bring you the seven things your woman wants in bed but would not want to tell you.
Enjoy it.
1. Be Aggressive
Just about every woman wants her man to be aggressive when it comes to sex and they look forward to it often but may not be able to open up to their husband.
We are not saying you should go home and smack up your woman all in the name of being aggressive: what sexual aggression means is adding a little bit of roughness when you are under the sheets.
Make love to her in such raunchy and kinky ways you see in porn movies. Most women are tired of being that precious lady in the bedroom. Some are even tired of the regular love making and would fancy you having sex with them, being ravished like a prostitute once in a while. A lot of women are quite enthusiastic about aggressive sex. So why not roughen things up a bit for her?
2. Talk Dirty
Almost every woman breams about engaging her dirty side and telling her exactly what you are thinking.
Sexual expression is very important in sex and your woman secretly wishes that you tell her what you want to do and how you want it done.
Remember you are trying to bring out the rough side of her sex life and it will be teasing her senses when you talk dirty once in a while.
In the spirit of being vocal, dirty talk scores highly in the sex department. Forget the flowery talks, the nice-guy incoherent nonsense. Some women wants their men to get downright nasty.
3. Be Passionate
Sure, there’s a time and a place for romance and gentle lovemaking, but what your woman really craves is raw passion. Want her. Take her. Kiss her hard. Make no apologies for how desperately you need all of her. She wants to tell you her deepest, darkest naughty desires so the more open you are about your bedroom fantasies, the more open she’ll be with hers.
4. Oral Sex
Every man loves his woman to take him into her mouth and give him a mind-blowing BJ. If it is good for you, it should be good for her too. Women secretly fantasize about you going south on her and giving her the best cunnilingus they ever had.
Women secretly want you to get deep down in there with your mouth, using your fingers, and when necessary, penetrate her with your penis for a little while, and then get busy again with your mouth.
5. Expression
Make no mistake about this, women know exactly what they like in bed. Be the kind of sexual partner who will eagerly respond to her guidance on how best to please her. Just know that your efforts will be rewarded and then some.
6. Focus
This tip may sound like less of a fantasy and more of a sex tip, but a lot of women want their men to focus on their entire bodies. They want you to lick and kiss everything from her ankles to the small of her back. No woman wants a man whose entire focus in just between her legs. She needs you to create some sensations on her from somewhere other than her vagina.
Spending a little time on her inner thigh or kissing her wrist is not such a bad idea. And by doing so, she will likely do it to you as well, and who knows, maybe penetration will take a backseat to sensation.
7. Show Your Pleasure
Do you want another session of mind-blowing sex? Then show how much you enjoy her with your facial expressions, body language, and verbal cues to give her insight into what gets you hot. Remember, turning you on is a major turn-on for her!

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