SEX: Tape of Ghanaian Rapper Itz Tiffany Leaked Online

We’ve just been told the guy in the videos with Itz Tiffany is her long term boyfriend and baby Daddy-Frank White, the very person who leaked the tapes. Apparently, the dude just got out of jail after doing 4 years in there. To think that he has a kid of about 6 years old with Tiffany makes it a really sad story—that is if indeed he really leaked the tapes as we are being told by our sources.

Itz Tiffany'sTape
Ghanaian Rapper-Itz Tiffany who is currently signed unto Fuse ODG’s Off The Ground Record in the UK has done it again—and this time, we are not talking about leaked n*ked photos, we are talking about full blown seks tapes showing everything and her whole face.. 

Check below for a clip from one of the tapes and keep REFRESHING this page for updates. When I get home, I will jump on here to drop the rest of the tapes. The video below is just to show you how things started before it gets really rough and messy in the two other tapes! So what the heck is really wrong with Tiffany? Once is a mistake but twice?

Ghanaian rapper Itz Tiffany  is in a messy situation right now. . 
The video shows Tiffany with the baby daddy of her 6 year old son; Frank White trashing it out. The first phase of the video that has been leaked shows the build up to the grand finale.  However it’s still very horny and will continue to be a blemish on her image Tiffany has also confirmed that she is the one in the video and has fingered her baby daddy; Frank White for being responsible for the leaks.


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