New Video Allegedly Shows Boko Haram Controlled Town

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In the 44-minute video, residents are also shown cheering the terrorists, however; it is unclear whether or not the footage was staged.
In addition, Shekau  is heard reiterating that there are no ongoing ceasefire talks with the government, and threatening to kill the man purported to be Boko Haram’s negotiator.
He also expresses support for ISIS and other so-called caliphates, similar to the one he claims to have established in Nigeria.

To everyone living in Islamic Caliphate, we convey our greetings,” he said, specifically giving a shout out to “brethren” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Shishan/Chechnya, Yemen, Somalia and “the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.”

The video shows an armoured vehicle with the insurgents, including their leaderAbubakar Shekau on board, traveling down a road, and preaching to residents as they pass by, Yahoo News reports.

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