HEADLINER: America-base Teen-model, Caroline Ikpea to star as lead in a Nollywood movie

TV series titled “IVANCA” to be Produced by Bigspin pictures, a subsidiary of Bigspin 
Beautiful, young Caroline got the lead role based on the strict requirement of the 
production team as they search for a female teenage cast with the right acting skills, 
exposure and knowledge of science to easily adapt to the role. As a model, actress and a 
core science student it wasn’t difficult for the casting crew to narrow their search. 

Caroline Ipkea, 17, born to Nigerian parent, hails from Edo State and spent most of her 
early life in Nigeria before traveling to the US to further her education. Despite being a 
science student with dreams of becoming a chemical engineer Caroline also spares time 
following her passion for art as a model, actor and singer.

 Acting Inspiration: 
I have been taking Theater courses for three, school years. Presently, I am mastering 
a script for a school play named "Cross fire" in which i play a role of a man, its quite 
challenging but fun. I also assist with stage management for school plays,Occasionally, i 
help actors master their lines and gestures. I am also per-taking in a play named "Legally 
blonde" I was chosen to do few dance steps for a particular scene in Legally blonde.


Role Models in Industry: 
As an actress, singer, model and TV presenter, Omawumi and Waje are my top Nollywood mentors. I chose them because they 
have much significance in the Nollywood industry. They both stand out as the powerful 
women in the Nollywood industry. They haven't only displayed their talents as wonderful 
singers with angelic voices, but have been able to show their acting skills. Waje recently 
shot a movie called "The Tunnel" powerful woman right there. I really do respect people 
who can multitask and come out with wonderful results at the same time. 


Near Future Plans: 
In my opinion, the only way forward as an actor and Science student is having a
positive mind. If you have a positive mindset that you can do everything, there's no way 
it would come out bad. Determination is success, it takes you places you never thought 
you could go. Furthermore, Science and being an actor makes me happy, its like basically 
doing what i love and having fun with it.

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