Press Release :Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week 5 th & 6th June 2013

After an extremely successful, sold out season one, Nigerian Student Fashion &

Design Week has become one of the fashion events of the year within the Nigerian

fashion industry calendar and is definitely the fashion insiders’ one to watch.

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week is committed to providing a platform

for new and up‐and‐coming designers to showcase to one of the biggest fashion

markets in Nigeria, this being the student, young and trendy upwardly mobile young

generation. Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week allows buyers and press to get

an early glimpse of the fashion names of the future.

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During season one Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week worked closely with

such a large number of brands and partners and are very proud that their fashion

weekend was such a huge success and for season two we have developed a

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week season two already promises to be an

even bigger and better show, to which they look forward to welcoming guests, press

 & 6th

 June 2014 at the world renowned University of

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week is scheduled to feature over 48 student/

aspiring designers from across Nigeria over a two day period as well as over 30

exhibitors that would be showcasing the creativity of the next generation of creatives

and it expects to have over 10,000 people watch the shows and visit the exhibition.

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The Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week aims to discover new talent and

give opportunities to those that would not normally be able to afford to participate at

the major Nigerian Fashion Weeks. It is aimed at brand new or emerging designers

that want to use these shows as a platform to either launch themselves or a brand

The shows will attract press, buyers and fashionistahs from around Nigeria who

want to see the new trends that are being developed by the designers that Nigerian

Student Fashion & Design Week will feature.

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Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week is also known as NSFDW

Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week is produced by BlackNBold Fashion

House, Africa Fashion Week London & Mahogany Productions & Events.

BlackNBold Fashion House the producers of numerous student fashion shows in

Nigeria, Africa Fashion Week London, the producers of the biggest African Fashion

Week in Europe and Mahogany Productions & Events, world renowned producers of

fashion weeks across the world.

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The team behind NSFDW has over 20 years of local

and international fashion show production experience.

Various fashions shows will take place on the 5th

released towards the end of May.

NSFDW will be held at the University of Lagos

To request press accreditation email

For other press enquiries, photography or if you would be interested in participating

or for further information or press information please contact: or call


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NSFDW shows are renowned for discovering new talent and providing a platform

where designers that may not normally be able to participate in Nigerian Fashion

Week can showcase their collections.

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