'She's my best friend: Frank Lampard opens up about his relationship with Christine Bleakley

'Best friends': Frank Lampard has admitted that fiancé Christine Bleakley is his best friend and that they are gearing up for their wedding

They spend their time juggling their hectic careers with a relationship under the spotlight.
But despite the pressures that come with being in the public eye, Frank Lampard is as close to fiancé Christine Bleakely as ever, describing her as his 'best friend.'
The footballer has opened up about his love for the TV presenter who he will soon wed, while admitting that losing his beloved mother Pat back in 2008 'changed him as a person.'

'She’s my best mate. Simple as that. Sounds a bit corny but it is like that.' he admitted, while staying tight-lipped about their wedding, which is expected to take place this year.
'We know what we're going to do, and we're going to do it in out own time,' he added, clearly not wanting to give too much away.

Tight-lipped: Frank has admitted that his wedding is imminent, but is keeping the details to himself

The couple met back in 2009, just a year after Frank's relationship with Elen Rivas broke down, and they got engaged two years later.

The full interview with Frank Lampard is in this week's edition of ES Magazine
And while speculation has been rife as to when they will tie the knot, the pair have kept all of the details quiet, admitting that they want the ceremony to go under the radar.
'There are so many rumours about weddings getting postponed and all of this nonsense,’ he said in This Morning last month.
The full interview with Frank Lampard is in this week's edition of ES Magazine

'We never had any wedding planned but we certainly are going to get married. But we would love to do it when no-one knows and we’re just done. That would be our style, I think.'
Frank's relationship with former fiancé Elen ended not long after his mother died in 2008, an event which he admits 'changed him.'
After Pat unexpectedly died at the age of 58, Frank revealed that he 'zoned out for quite a while' as he came to terms with the loss.
The star, who signed a new one-year contract with west London team Chelsea back in May, has just started a new season following a lazy summer with his family.

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