4 Tips To Get You Out Of The ‘Friend’ Zone… Quick

4 Tips To Get You Out Of The ‘Friend’ Zone… Quick

Most of us have been here before. The person you are “in love” with thinks of you like a sister or brother, clearly placing you in the “friend zone”. It may be difficult to get out of this mysterious zone. Read these tips to help you get out of that zone or break the barrier and get what you want.

1. Break the “Sweet Girl” or “Nice Guy” Image

Most people who are “friend zoned” normally have the image of being the nice guy or sweet girl. Being too nice or too sweet can be a turnoff for many people, and as a result, the person of interest may not develop that attraction which leads to a romantic relationship. Being too nice generally means that the guy or girl is willing to help and do everything for the other person whenever required. Being too nice can also mean the individual won’t let anything around them get under their skin.
Showing that you are available on a dime’s notice and doing everything the other person asks, is implying that you don’t have a life or you don’t have a backbone. We’re not saying to be selfish and act like a snob about everything, but there is a limit to being too kind. Next time they ask you for an unimportant favor or to simply hang out, tell them you are busy or delay the hangout to another day and time.

2. Show Them That You Have Other “Friends”

You cannot hang out with the same guy or girl all the time. The other person will get the feeling that they “own” you and will milk as much time and attention from you as possible. If they know that they have you in their back pocket and can play your card anytime they want, they will probably seek out other options and play the field.
Tell them (even if you don’t have actual plans) that you have a night out with another girl or guy friend, so they know that they are not the only person you “hang out” with. If they are interested in you, they will probably start asking questions about the “other” friends, and this is exactly what you are looking for in order to take it to the next step.

3. Break the Touch Barrier

Touch them, don’t grope them. Show them slight, physical signs that you want more than just friendship. Friends don’t just grab and hold hands for a moment. Friends don’t just rub each others arms, legs or back in a flirty, gentle way. Friends don’t just sit very close, shoulder to shoulder, at restaurants or other public places. Friends don’t give friends slight but passionate kisses on the cheek at the end of the night.
If your love interest responds positively to your moves, then that is a good indicator you can get out of the friend zone. On the other hand, if the person pulls themselves away from close contact or act a little “cold” when you make some moves, then you should probably take that as a hint that they don’t want to be anything beyond friends.

4. “Disappear” for a Bit

If you have established a pattern of talking to the other person and seeing the other person regularly, cut everything off for a bit or take it down significantly. When the other person does not receive their nightly texts or phone calls, or the usual Monday to Friday night hangouts, they will definitely take notice that you have backed right off. This can work both ways depending on the other person’s intentions. If they only see you as a friend they probably won’t call or text you for awhile asking about you.
Guess what this means, it’s time for you to move on and spend your time meeting new people or just hang around your close friends and do what you like to do. Why set yourself up for more heartbreak right? If on the other hand, he/she contacts you and seems genuinely concerned about your recent whereabouts, depending on the type of other signals they display, then perhaps it is time to have a little chat with them, and tell them what you want from them.
There is nothing worse than chasing a guy or girl forever, then seeing them prance off with another person. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Do the right thing, and do the hardest thing that most people are afraid to do. You will not regret it, whether you end up with that actual person or someone else. One person is not worth getting depressed over, nor are they worth the time and money if it wasn’t meant to be.


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