BEE BLAZING whose real name Bola Adeleye is a nigerian born-London based Femcee who prides herself in her African culture. Grew up like a normal african child with a strict background. She had a taste of life cruelty at a very tender age when death paid her family a vist and took her father away from them. An experience that left her to the mercies of her mothers upbringing. Bee Blazing's ultimate goal is to make sure AFRICA type of music is heard all over the world. She found music in an islaand far from where she hails from because nothing appealed to her household musically. Her passion and love for music became her saviour. Inspiration for her, is purely the street hustle. Day-to-day activities on the street. "A mind of a hustler” is what she walks around with not minding the good looks she's got.


she is currently studying music technology in thames valley unversity, (University of West London)and she's showed her musical process with heavy weights like: Pink, Emily sandel and Bruno mars. She is also In a close crew with top UK nigerian dj's like: dj Abbas, shola bee, unbeatable and dj afred.

It's not just her smooth words rap style that makes her stand out from the crowd, but her expressive rhyme that makes her such a fine artist with lyrics from the street to the elite world.

She believes that she knows her way around the future of hip pop and africa music and her smooth strong vocal and her undying lyrics capture the heart of her listener. Just like she would boldly say:

“music is my drug, africa is the gateway to my heart but Nigeria is HOME”

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Her debut single “carry your load” which got a lot of thumbs up from the entertainment pundits saw her goin back to the tables and restrategising rather than feeling like a newly crowned queen of hiphop. She's back with another radio hit titled: “Won Gbebo.” Won Gbebo” is a track that explains what an average man face on the street-hustle which she represents, the many battles nd zeal. To overcome and believe that the future is bright. “Won Gbebo” is produced by Prodo.

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