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Singer, songwriter, self acclaimed ‘fusionist, miss energy, and aspiring enterprenuer’ Weird MCwas making music before all of the teenagers running round in skinny jeans and smart phones were born. And that’s a true story. With 18 years under her belt, she’s managed to stay relevant and stay out of the boxes people are always creating for artistes. WEIRD MC talked about her hiatus, her return to music, and why it feels like she never left.

About 2 months ago, you dropped 2 singles, the first we’d heard from you in a while, how does it feel coming back in?
It feels good. You know, the nature of what we do, if you go quiet for one or two weeks… You know what happens. But in my case everyone was so interested in what I did, what I was doing what I was about to do. It’s a blessing, honestly. It was so amazing and mind-blowing. I didn’t expect that level of feedback at all. I thought it would take time to sink in, but people just latched on to the song immediately.
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Did you feel like you had lost any ground?
Not at all. The thing is right from the beginning, I’ve always just done my thing. I always tell people I’m like a BRT bus, I just ply my lane. I just do my thing. And that’s not even arrogance. It’s just confidence.
Like I said, it’s a blessing. I just never have been that person who jumps out at what everybody is doing. And you know Young D said, “Let’s experiment with your sound, let’s do something a bit more colorful, a bit happier. Because for a moment you went a bit dark, so let’s come back and let it be more radio friendly, more commercial.”
And we did it.
I was a bit nervous especially with Ijoya remix, I was like: huh? If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. And he was like, “Just do this. It’s a different style. It won’t even take anything away from the original. Now people are clamoring for the video.

Who are you working with on that?
We’re still trying to decide who, but we’re thinking Clarence, we’re thinking Sesan… We’re also thinking of going for that unknown name and saying “Hey, lets do this…”
How did music happen for you?
For me, it goes way back. It was 3 things for me: music, football and basketball.
You played football?
Yes. I played football. Proper, proper football. So I was thinking: it’s a bit too early yet. No one’s really supporting female football in the country. If I go into that, how do I make money? How do I make a living? Same thing for basketball. At the time I was being coached by the same guy that coached Hakeem Olajuwon.
I went for the music. Was doing stuff on the Campuses, the Universities, Tech Colleges…I started building a following. And then Hip-Hop just seemed very appealing to me. I just loved the tongue in cheek attitude, the energy that came with it, the play of words. I fused it in. And here we are today. 18 years down the line.
That’s a long time. What’s the deepest lesson so far?
Trust nobody. Just do you. Keep it real. People are not stupid. They know a phony a mile away. Just be yourself. Some people might have issues with that. But some people will embrace you and love you for who you are and embrace you. Surround yourself with real people. Be very prayerful. And God will take care of the rest.
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Why’d you blank out on us? Was it intentional, or did stuff just happen?
It was kind of a mixture of stuff. Things happened and I wanted to be me for a minute. I wanted to just breathe. Chill out. Take a break from the madness, look at what people are doing… It was the same thing after Allen avenue. I took a break and came back with Ijoya. My publicist has been telling me not to make it a habit.
When will it be ready?
Well, I can’t say. You know the nature of the business. That depends on the marketer. Even though my team is saying let’s just prepare to drop it online. And I’m like, dude we’re in Africa oh. You cannot just do an online release. How many of us have MasterCards? How many of us can purchase online? Itunes is good for the Africans in diaspora, but here in Nigeria, it’s still physical CDs. You still need that guy in Alaba to help you distribute.
You’ve been a musician for 18 years. What’s kept you so long?
The thirst. The hunger. The passion. I tell people. If you want to stay in this business you know, you must be willing to take risks. And think about the box. And take it to the extreme. What is your love for the game. Some just want to make some money and be gone. I have a passion for it. I love what I do. If I don’t perform for a month or a day I get really cranky and moody.
No retirement plans soon?
It’s definitely in the cards. But not soon. Not like in the next one year. I’d like to do tours too. I’d like to walk on that bet/Grammy awards red carpet. I always say, there’s always a new level to aspire to. We’ve conquered Africa. Let’s go conquer the world. We’ve don’t the Headies, Channel O Awards, let’s take it much further. It’s always about pushing ahead.
I mean something happened 2 weeks ago. We went to a radio station, Eko FM, and they told me to keep speaking and asked people to call in and guess who was speaking. And people just knew it was me. I was shocked, we all were including the presenters. He was like: “Wow, this is serious. This is a major, major statement.”
It’s a blessing. And the timing too. We came at a time when the market wasn’t too flooded. And I set out to be different at what I do. Some call me a rapper. I say my music has a coat of many colors, you can’t put me in a box.
Is it harder now than then?
I wouldn’t say it’s harder. Someone like me, I like challenges. If you throw them at me, be my guest. What I notice right now, is it’s not easy to promote your material right now. Its craaaazy. There are so many platforms available, but you have to be there to know what I’m saying. Distributing your stuff on the internet is one thing, Alaba mixes is one thing, keying the momentum is another thing. It’s a constant grind. It’s madness. It never used to be that tough. But it’s all good.

Is there music you don’t like?
No. because I define music is sound agreeable to the human ear. So if its sound that agrees with the human ear its music. I listen to everything.
What have been the low points of your career?
Hearing stuff on the media about you. But it’s part of the package. It comes with the territory. My friends and family are like, “How do you cope with it?”. But once you just work harder and keep pushing.
What are the high points?
The Award for Hip-Hop music in Nigeria. And getting Best Animated Video from Channel O. That was major. And winning the Headies, Best Pop Album. Even though I felt it was cheesy, them saying my album was pop. But every one was saying it’s pop, even my publicist. Now I’m looking forward to a MOBO, a BET…
But my BET award has to be presented to me on the main stage. Not that green room business. If you want to present it to me, do it on stage. Why are you hiding us? If we’re really your cousins like you say, then show us the love. Lets receive the awards on the main stage.
Even the Grammys, give it to me when the telecast is on. Not during a dinner. Cuz that’s what they do. They give it to you when everybody is eating. Like “Everybody. Listen, listen up, we have a new category, world music from Nigeria Weird MC…”
No thank you. Let everybody see me when I’m receiving it. Why do they keep doing that? Honestly, I expected our artistes to speak out. Maybe they’re scared…or just trying to play nice.
Thank you for your time.
You’re welcome.
Weird Mc’s album drops later this year. We’ll keep you posted.
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