'I want to do Playboy': Kim Kardashian reveals she's willing to pose nude again for the famous men's magazine

It seems that Kim Kardashian has even more grandiose plans than thought for showing off her post-baby body.
In a preview for upcoming episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 32-year-old reveals that she's willing to pose nude for Playboy once again after giving birth to her baby girl North West.
The reality star stripped off for the famous men's magazine back in 2007, baring her breasts and most of her body in the racy shoot.

Playboy round two? Kim Kardashian, seen here posing with her first Playboy cover in 2007, has revealed that she is willing to pose for the men's magazine again after giving birth to her daughter North West

In new episodes of KUWTK, filmed before Kim gave birth to North back in June, she declares: 'As soon as I pop this thing out, I want to do Playboy or some nude shoot.'
Back in 2007, when Kim removed her clothes for the adult magazine, most of the process was documented for her reality show.
Ahead of and during the shoot, the brunette beauty was seen acting apprehensive about showing too much skin.

Meanwhile, her mother and manager Kris Jenner encouraged her to bare even more after Hugh Hefner told the duo during a meeting that Kim had to take 'all of it off'.
Kim later revealed that she regretted posing for Playboy, telling Harper's Bazaar in 2010: 'I’m sorry I did Playboy.
'I was uncomfortable,' she added.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star blamed Kris for encouraging her to strip, telling her to 'go for it.'

Such a cutie: Kim and Kanye's daughter North West was also revealed on Kris's show at the end of last month

Bikini babe: Kim was known for her love of endless bikini shoots before she welcomed her baby North West earlier this year

She recalled that Kris told her before the episode was aired: 'They might never ask you again. Our show isn’t on the air yet. No one knows who you are. Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.'
But in 2011 Kim had changed her tune, telling Glamour magazine that it made her feel 'independent'.
'(It was) an independence thing for me. I was always by the book, such the straight arrow when it came to pleasing my parents and being a good daughter,' she said.

'I felt like this was one decision that only I could make. And I think it looks great. I’ll have those pictures forever.'
What Kim's media shy partner Kanye West thinks of his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter posing again for Playboy remains to be seen.
The rapper is thought to have encouraged his partner to somewhat step away from the limelight since the pair got together last year.
However, he did let her participate in a very racy shoot with him for French magazine L'Officiel Hommes.

Racy: Kanye did agree to Kim participating in a very racy shoot with him for French magazine L'Officiel Hommes earlier this year

The couple were seen on the front cover embracing whilst completely nude earlier this year.
In addition to Playboy, Kim also appeared in a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J in 2003. 
The tape was leaked in February 2007 just months ahead of Kim's first Playboy shoot.

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