#BBA winner Dillish:Want a house for me and Siblings

'I want to first get a house for me and my siblings', Dillish Matthews, the winner of last Sunday's Big Brother Africa reality show has told Myjoyonline. She said that her first priority is to buy a house.
The Namibian beauty beat four other finalists - Elikem, Cleo, Melvin and Beverly - to win the US$300,000 prize package in this year's 91-day reality show.
Dillish said it had  been her dream to get a house for her siblings and herself so they could live together and winning the money will make that a reality.
'I made it very clear in the beginning that I just want to get a house for me and my siblings to be together. It might sound something simple, something stupid but I never had that family thing so now I can go and do it for my siblings I,' the pretty Namibian said.
'I told them before they turned 18, we will all be in a house together and look at what happened,' she added.
The Big Brother Africa reality show has over the years seen several relationships crushing as several housemates have found it very difficult holding on to their partners while in the house.
A clear example is Pokello who dumped her long-time boyfriend, Zimbabwean rapper Desmond 'Stunner' Chideme just after her eviction from the show because of Ghana's Elikem.
Dillish, who was arguably the hottest housemate in the Big Brother (The Chase) competition, managed to fight several temptations just to be loyal to her boyfriend, Stephen Gaeseb in Namibia.
Asked how she managed to stay away from temptations and be faithful to her boyfriend, Dillish explained that she made it clear to her housemates that she was an honest person and she wanted to stay true to her man.
'I made it very clear to my housemates that I'm an honest person and I won't lie, I won't come to the house and see a bunch of handsome men with six packs and when I'm showering they come in and take off their shirts and be like I don't see anything,' she said.
'I didn't make moves because you know, when you just believe that you are in a relationship  and you are going to mess up, let it not be me, let the conscience be on him and I can go back saying it wasn't my faultwhat I had in mind is to stay true to myself and if the relationship breaks up, it is on him,' Dillish added.
The winner of the Big Brother Africa Chase reality show, however, noted that, if she was single before going into the reality show, she would have tried her love luck on Sierra Leonean, Bolt or Nigerian, Melvin.
According to her, she 'had said that Bolt is very handsome but the stuffs that come out of his mouth is such a turn off [but] if [it's] not Bolt, Maria and Melvin had a little thing going on but he is really handsome, he has a six pack, so if it was not Stephen, it would probably be Bolt or Melvin.'
Ghana's Elikem may have lost out on the big prize but he was announced the winner of the 'Most Romantic Gesture' -  for making breakfast in bed for Pokello.
He won a holiday package: a 5-night all-expenses-paid trip for two, to the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, two return tickets from RwandAir and some spending money - all valued at USD10 000.
Elikem made no bones about the fact that he would be taking Pokello along as his 'plus one'.
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